…and it was sand - #forabetterworld

…and it was sand – #forabetterworld

Παρουσίαση των έργων της Νικολέτας Ψάλτη στη Βιέννη

Nicoleta Psalti’s artworks in Vienna

Τρίτη έκθεση της Νικολέτας Ψάλτη στον πολυχώρο πολιτισμού MegArt Gallery

Nicoleta Psalti’s third exhibition at MegArt Gallery

The journey of art continues at MegArt Gallery, and Nicoleta Psalti will be there once more to present some of her new creations, which the audience will have the chance to admire from up close.
The exhibition will begin on Thursday 2 March 2018 and will last until 13-3. This event has a free theme and its purpose is to guide the public in a world of composition, shape and color!